The Daily Find: April 26, 2010

Bernadette Roche

The Power of Connections

Hello, my name is Bernadette and I’m a Twitter-holic.  First step is admitting it, but 6 months ago I was anti-Twitter, anti-Facebook, anti-just about everything along those lines.  From my perspective, I had too much to do to bother posting the minutia of my life.  Besides, who would really be interested in what I was saying anyway?  But my school faculty just wouldn’t let social sites go away…MORE

Ruth Huyler Glass

Shuttering a School

On Thursday evening, the Board of Trustees of Calmont School, which I joined as Interim Head at the end of January, voted to close its doors at the end of this academic year, following a 30-year history. While the decision was the only viable choice and…MORE

Jim Heynderickx

Library Design Research

Based on visiting seven independent school libraries in the New York City area last week, here are some of my takeaway ideas and notes about library design, use and…MORE

Tami Brass

Innovation vs. Economy: How long before you implement innovation?

We’ve been having a debate lately tied to budget.  I get that budgets are tight and that we need to be very cautious in spending money as thoughtfully as possible to get the most bang for the buck.  Usually I’m the preacher on this one, not just a member of choir and rarely sitting in the congregation.  Here’s my quandary…MORE

Sharon Peters

Schools that Work

This year I experienced a sort of existential crisis of my faith in educational systems. It may have been a result of some kind of re-entry culture shock after spending two summers in Africa working with teachers and visiting many rural schools. But I don’t think I am alone in this…MORE

The Lawrence School

Beware the Ides

As the Head of Lawrence School in Northeast Ohio, an independent school designed for students with language and attention challenges, I read the March 15 issue ofNewsweek with a deep sense of sadness and gathering dread. It inspired, no, provoked this return to blogging after an eight-week hiatus…MORE

Malcolm Gauld

Is this my issue?

Maine radio stations and newspapers have been buzzing this week with discussion about an incident involving a Yarmouth High School student found to be in violation of the school’s athletic honor code.  After photos of her holding a beer can were posted on…MORE


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