The Daily Find: April 15, 2010

The Compass Point

The death of education as we know it may be the birth of learning as we need it

I’m more than a bit late with my NAIS annual conference round up but then …excuses, excuses…what with returning to Poughkeepsie with a rotten cold,  the remaining effects of a  mega storm that closed school for three days (ably dealt with by Steve Mallet and the division heads) and then all the catching up….MORE

Failing is essential

The ratio between success and failure remains pretty constant. To succeed means we must fail. And the more often we fail the more we succeed. The key is to fail frequently and fail fast. Then move on and try something else…MORE

Jason Kern

Progress slowly happening

I thought I would share the successes happening at school and how I think as minor as they may appear on the surface that they are hopefully a sign of a more substantial change…MORE

Elisabeth Abarbanel

Diigo presentation for CAIS, Southern California

This is the Diigo presentation I gave at CAIS last month. Or, I gave most of it, but then the projector broke.. oh well! I enjoy using Diigo, and I am modeling using it for a 3 week mini-class I am teaching to seniors this week about ethical decision making about food. All the short YouTube videos and websites I want to show them are in my…MORE

Steve Taffee


As an educator I spend a great deal of time thinking about learning, when perhaps I should be thinking about unlearning as well. All of us carry around misinformation, misconceptions, biases, and unexamined assumptions. Unlearning these can be very difficult, especially when they have been held as truism for a long period of time. But sometimes before we can learn something new, we must first…MORE

Tami Brass

EtherPad Alternatives

[Comment: I use EtherPad and have found it to be a wonderful tool for collaborative notes at conferences and in workshops I do and have several teachers using it at Greenhill. I noticed that Google purchased the tools and one can only guess what is going to happen to EtherPad. I am pleased to have run across the following from Tami. At least Google hasn’t purchased the entire Internet…Yet] I was talking w/an English teacher last week about Etherpad and did a demo w/my yearbook kids. Great tool, but going away, right?
Fortunately, I put a call out for help to my Twitter peeps and got a number of responses w/alternatives…MORE

Chris Bigenho

Storytelling through Digital Threads- Story of the Iranian Elections as Told through Social Media

This is a story that I have told multiple times over the past nine months. However, this version was updated and refined for a 45 minute session at TxDLA. It was also recorded and repackaged so that it would include video, audio and the slides. You can read and view the story… MORE


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