The Daily Find: April 5, 2010

More gems from the independent school community of bloggers…

Rob Camner

The 32-Million Word Gap: Rob shares with us an article from The Atlantic that looks as the gap between those who grow up on word rich environments and those who do not…MORE


Rick Campbell

Explore 70 Online Tools in 70 Minutes: This one will keep you busy for a while (I am sure…more than 70 minutes) We know that you will get bored during your Spring Break at some point and, as a public service, we are inviting you to explore these 70 Tools in 70 minutes, organized and…MORE


Pat Basset

The Seven Seals: For many, the past year has seemed — to one degree or another — like evidence that “the end is nigh.” The signs of the Apocalypse, as forecast in The Book of Revelation, seemed upon the world: religious conquest and false prophets; conflict and war; famine and drought; large scale death; martyrs; cosmic disturbances — all prophesied as the prelude to “The…MORE


Rob Camner

Geography is All Around Us: Here is a new twist on ways to teach geography. From storytelling and reading through Google Maps to “around the world with 80 schools”, there are some wonderful new ideas to explore in…MORE


Kirstie Truluck

Publication of Student Fiction: Wyoming by Emily S. Rose…Out the window I could see the sky, changing colors like tie-dye from the horizon up, with clouds like whipped cream along the skyline.  I got up and put on my clothes from yesterday, my drawers were empty and my…MORE


Jonathan Martin

In Schools of the Future, Students Learn by Vigorously Doing, Digitally: It’s not about the computer; it’s about the learning.  Our students today both want and need to be active, engaged, collaborative, on-line, vigorous, empowered, creative,  solvers of real-world problems.   They need to be skilled and informed to do so, but they need to be…MORE


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