The Daily Find March 11, 2010

Steve Taffee

UC Google

This is an interesting post that looks at how many communication devices are coming together into single devices while allowing cross communication (text to voice, voice to text etc). “No, Google has not taken over the University of California system. (Though there are some who may argue that they should. After all, Google has money and the UC system is broke!) No, what I mean is Unified Communications and Google. Unified Communications burst upon the scene in…MORE.

Jonathan Martin

Youtube video: A Vision of 21st century

This is nice, a response to the very powerful A Vision of Students Today video about which I have blogged in the past…MORE

RicK Campbell and Stephanie Oberle

The Nearly Now- A New Digital DNA

This blog entry presents three videos. Our intent is this: take a close look at these videos because they point us in the direction the world and students are going [Comment: These three engaging videos look like a great stimulus for more conversations]…MORE

Tami Brass

Hands on with the New ClassmatePC Convertible

I’ve had the new ClassmatePC Convertible (10.1″) for about a day and will be reluctantly giving it back tomorrow (bummer!).  Lots of people have been asking me for thoughts, so here’s what I’ve got to share: Kids’ reaction – My 6th & 7th graders have had…MORE

Norman Maynard

Nationwide Standards

Could these standards be coming to an independent school near you? This short blog post introduces you to this budding issue with a link to “Core Standards”…MORE

Gary Stager

Hey Mom! Look What I Made in College! (2007)

David Warlick is the latest person to go all “digital immigrant” and proclaim that we should all take a good hard look at the hugely popular YouTube video, “A Vision of Students Today. Fantastic. A college class with far too many students in it (200) attempts to revolutionize the educational system by whining in a five minute web video. I’m sorry, but count me unimpressed[Comment: This should also stimulate conversation. This is also interesting when also taken with the videos presented in the posts above…MORE

Peter Gow

The Intentional Teacher, at last

I’m pleased to mention here that The Intentional Teacher: Forging a Great Career in the Independent School Classroom is at last available. Although the book can be ordered by phone directly from the publisher, Avocus Publishing (800-345-6665; their website is undergoing renovation), the best way to purchase at…MORE


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