The Daily Find: March 8 2010

Vinnie Vrotny

TEDxNYEd- Brain Dump 1.0

On Saturday, March 6th, I had an opportunity to experience and live the future conferences. For eight hours, TEDxNYEd provided an opportunity to focus on learning, education and transformation, rather than being at a conference focused on tools and skills. This difference is significant and should become the standard for which we aspire too. Technology needs to become an eco-system, not a thing. EduCon seemingly has the same focus, but so far, I have only been able to experience EduCon…MORE

Hiram Cuevas

Reflecting on the Google Teacher Academy for Administrators

Having had some time to take in all the information from the GTAdmin, I still find my mind swimming with the  multitude of ideas and possibilities this forum has provided.  I was surrounded by fabulous educators from “venti sized” school districts to small public and private schools and every possible combination in between.  But the most impressive aspect of this group of educators was their…MORE

Poughkeepsie Day School

If a School Fulfills its Mission there must be Constant Evolution…

I’ve discovered an absolute treasure trove of fascinating material: Popular Science has put its entire 137 year archive on line. In this same edition there’s a piece on how immigrants are inspected at Ellis Island, cacti, Galileo and an argument in favor of adopting the metric…(There are some great items in this post for future reflection)…MORE


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