The Daily Find: March 5, 2010

Demetri Orlando

Participation=Engagement on School Sites

One of the sessions I attended at the NAIS conference which I didn’t blog about until now was “Building School Websites Around Participation” which was presented by Proctor School and Travis Warren of Whipple Hill. I was happily surprised by this one because I’d come across Proctor’s site in a different context last month and was really impressed with how engaging it is. The premise of their site, and of the presentation is…MORE

Bill Fitzgerald


In education, as in music, there is an Education Industry that has differing goals and interests of the people upon whom they depend for their continued existence. While the goals of the education industry do not need to diverge from the actual needs of students and teachers, in practice the needs of the education industry require that organizations spend money that has little or nothing to do with student performance…MORE

Seth Battis

A Fairly Usable Framework for Fair Use

As teachers, we are perennially swap the hat that we wear: lecturer, confidante, counselor, coach, security officer, parent. With the ability publish work instantaneously to the entire globe with a single click comes a fresh and daunting hat: copyright lawyer. The Gordian Knot of copyright law raises…MORE


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