The Daily Find: March 3, 2010


The Future of Teaching- Extending our Imaginations

Jenni Swanson Voorhees

Thursday at NAIS ended with a stimulating panel discussion focused on students in the digital age and how they learn. Four “thought leaders” gathered to present their perspective on how children learn: Megan Smith V.P. at Google, Milton Chen of the George Lucas Foundation, Wanda Martinez president of the New Tech Network, and Shelley Goldman, professor of ed. at Stanford University. The panel was ably moderated by Wanda Holland Greene, head of the Hamlin School…More

Enhancing Learning with Digital Practices (scroll down)

Jenni Swanson Voorhees

Whenever I am asked to speak about what we do in Technology classes, I always say we try to engage students in authentic work that is enhanced by the technology. The listeners always nod approval, but I doubt they have a clue what I’m talking about. On Wednesday I got to hear students articulate how having access to digital tools has enhanced their learning as they engage in a challenging, yet innovative high school curriculum…More

False Profits: Expertise and Educational Computing (2001)

Gary Stager

Terms like school reform, change, child-centered education, professional development and authentic assessment have become meaningless in an educational climate favoring systems, buildings, ideology and processes over children. Lingo-slinging administrators, politicians eager for the quick fix and educators too beaten down and overwhelmed to take a breath and reflect upon their best practices, have irrevocably devalued the currency of such terms. Textbooks, curriculum software and high-stakes tests deprive students of experience with primary sources…More

Hyperthreading vs. Multitasking

Demetri Orlando

Recent research seems to validate that humans can only focus on one thing at a time. This comes up in response to the assertion that “digital natives” learn differently and by doing many things at once (e.g. studying while instant-messaging, texting, and listening to music.)…More

1:1 Laptop Programs as Part of “Embedded Design

Jim Heynderickx

Pat Basset forwarded a link to ISED-L about the research article about 1:1 programs:… It’s an interesting article on several levels.  It addresses criticism of 1:1 laptop program, but it also defines laptops as cognitive tools that should be part of larger whole school change initiatives in pedagogy and curriculum.  This is something I’ve advocated for many years….More

Comprehensive Learning Spaces

Jim Heynderickx

I wasn’t able to fly to San Francisco this week to attend the annual NAIS conference, but I’m still doing my best to follow the blog posts from Demetri and others about the events.  I’ve been impressed by the ideas and quotes from the sessions so far…More

Checking Out the New Classmate

Tami Brass

Late this afternoon I was checking Twitter and found a stream about the new ClassmatePC Convertible.  Confession time…  I knew this was coming for a while and saw rough specs and such before Christmas.  Had to keep my mouth shut until now…More


One response to “The Daily Find: March 3, 2010

  1. Did anyone meet or hear John Couch from Apple? I heard from someone that he spoke about a tech school in California. I did not see it in any of the Daily Finds but maybe I missed it.
    p.s. this NAIS by the way is most impressive and should become an annual tradition!

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