The Daily Find: March 2, 2010 (NAIS)

Here is another issue of The Daily Find. This focuses on conversations surrounding ideas from the recent NAIS Conference. 

NAIS Conference Daily Planet Reporters

Copy Posted by the Conference Reporters

Bridget Janicki

Catherine O’Neill Grace



Gordon Rode 

  • NAIS Annual Conference- Last Part
  • My Space + FaceBook= MyFace

Demetri Orlando

  • Thanks NAIS!
  • Read Jason’s Live Blog from Tony Wagner’s “ Change Leadership” at NAIS



Twitter Update: There have been over 900 tweets posted to the #naisac10 hash tag since the start of the conference and that number keeps on growing. These tweets can be read simply by doing a search in Twitter on #naisac10.


Jamie Baker

  • A New Age of Learning
  • NAIS: Be Like Google
  • NAIS: Tina Seelig on Innovation (see video below)
  • NAIS: Irshad Manji on Speaking the Truth
  • NAIS: Tony Wagner on Teaching Today’s Students
  • New Code That Matters: The Life Code/Genomics
  • 12 Tips on Teaching Boys

Jonathan Martin

Michael Ebeling

  • Adapting, Surviving and Thriving: A Context for Embracing Change

Stoneleigh-Burnham Middle School

  • It’s Almost Like Being There: Thoughts from the NAIS Conference

Sarah Hanawald

  • At 35,000 Feet


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