The Daily Find:NAIS Feb. 26a

NAIS Conference Daily Planet Reporters

Copy Posted by the Conference Reporters

Bridget Janicki

Catherine O’Neill Grace


Ruth Huyler Glass

  • A Little Help from My Friends
  • Superheroes Among Us

Tony Fetherston

  • The End
  • Why I Love San Francisco
  • Confession Time
  • Another Busy Morning
  • Highlight from Day 1

Gordon Rode

  • Unleashing the Super Powers Within Part 3

Demetri Orlando

  • Random NAIS Moments
  • Tapping Into the NAIS Hive


Jamie Baker

  • New Code That Matters: The Life Code/Genomics
  • 12 Tips on Teaching Boys

Stoneleigh-Burnham Middle School-

  • It’s Almost Like Being There


Chris Bigenho

  • The Educator’s Field Guide to Unleashing the Innovators Within

Jason Ramsdon

  • Tony Wagner: Change Leadership
  • Summit: Building Schools for the Digital Age
  • Arianna Huffington; On Being Fearless
  • Thought Leaders Summit; Building Schools for a Digital Age
  • Google: 9 Principles of Innovation

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