The Daily Find: Feb. 24, 2010

Demetri Orlando

Deep Thoughts on a Long Plane Ride Towards NAIS: Hello all NAIS conference participants! Did you hear that the first comic book about superman sold this week for a million bucks… and the original price was 10 cents? Maybe we should all save our conference programs! Seriously though, and along the lines of the conference theme, who are the superheroes in your school, and what are their super powers? In every school I’ve seen, there are heroic acts of teaching. And* sometimes there are villains. So post a reply here about your super-people (or your villains.) Here’s mine…MORE

Richard Kassissieh

Sustaining Capacity During Hard Times: Fitting right in with the common themes and titles of sessions at this year’s NAIS Annual Conference in San Francisco, Richard shares how they have made changes in IT to help the bottom line and their school’s sustainability. “Like many schools, we  cut the school’s IT operating budget by 25% this year. To minimize adverse effects on technology use at school, we employed the following strategies….” MORE

Jonathan Martin

Top 9 Things I’m looking Forward to at #naisac10: Very excited to be en-route to the NAIS Annual Conference; I think this is my eleventh, and it is always a highlight of my year.   Blogging, and participating in on-line communities,  I am finding, greatly enhances my experience.   I haven’t  examined closely the detailed schedule, but here is a top nine list of things I am looking forward to– and it is hard to limit my list to nine– in roughly chronological order…” MORE

Vinnie Vrotny

Two Conferences to Follow Virtually This Week: “There are two conferences of note which are occurring at the end of the week, one in San Francisco and one in Mumbai. Included are ways that you can participate remotely if you are so inclined… This year, NAIS is striving to make more of the conference available to those who are unable to attend. Over the past few years, through the efforts of Chris Bigenho and the Classroom of the Future initiative, have been bringing the conference to all who are interested. This year, there are four official NAIS bloggers covering the event plus a number of others…” MORE

Steve Taffee

Are you Patient Enough to Innovate?: “When my daughter was a child, she had an audio tape that she played over and over. Among the tunes on this tape was one about patience. It’s words go something like this…. Like church pastors, we both “comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.” At our best moments we are the “guide on the side” rather than…” MORE

Chris Bigenho

Helping Students Develop Self-Regulated Learning Habits: “What does it mean for a student to practice “self regulated learning”? I have been experimenting with different ways to help students learn to become more engaged in their own learning process. Rather than having “learning applied” to them, I have taken a far more constructivist approach. One of my central goals is to shift a student’s focus from one of extrinsic value and motivation to intrinsic motivators. In my experience, grades are often the focus of student motivation and the tacit purpose for all the work they do in school. When work is assigned, students…”MORE


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