Compiled List of Independent School Bloggers

Today, I put out the call to Independent School educators/bloggers, through the ISED List, to send in their blog URL. By the end of the day, there were over 25 individual blog sites- some supporting multiple blogs. The amazing part is that this number is still growing. So what do you do with so many blog feeds? Well first of all, you can look to your right and you will find a new Blog Roll called NAIS Community Bloggers. This is a list that is sure to grow. These are individuals who maintain educational blogs and find blogging a rewarding form of professional development. As you look over the list, you should see some familiar names. If you would like to have your personal educational blog added to the list, just send your blog URL to and I will do the rest.

So now that you have this rich source of wisdom from independent school bloggers from across the nation, what can you do with it all? Well, you can simply click on any of the links on the blog roll and visit the individual blogs. However, with so many, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to follow all of these blogs from a single site so that you can simply subscribe to a feed of all these blog feeds? That is, an RSS feed of an RSS feed- Aggregated blog feeds?

Well, I know that you didn’t ask for this but I have created one anyway. If you want to follow the list of blogs in a single reader, simply click on the link to your right that reads “Subscribe to Aggregated Community Bloggers”. This will take you to the feed page for this list. It is possible that it will open up in a Netvibes page. Simply click “Edit” on the feed that is in the center of you window. Then, copy the URL from the box that is labeled “Feed” and paste it in your favorite aggregator (My favorite for this type of stuff is Google Reader, but any reader should work).  It is as simple as that. Now, the first time you run the feed in your aggregator, you will likely get a large number of feeds. This will be over-whelming. When you are done exploring these feeds, simply Mark Them All As Read and your reader will be reset. Now, you will only see the new posts from the NAIS blogging community as they post them. The tool that is being used to make this happen is called xFruits (

Posted by: Chris Bigenho


One response to “Compiled List of Independent School Bloggers

  1. I sure hope this compilation of independent school bloggers will keep going beyond the conference, even move over to one of the other locations for ongoing reference. It is really very exciting to see how many of us are active in social media, and to know that many others (like me) are willing lurkers and learners.

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