Please distribute this 2010 Annual Conference Online Community Invitation to your community so that all who wish to participate in this experience over the next several months might have the opportunity. This year’s community provides a unique opportunity to explore many aspects of communicating through social media and promises to be an informative experience. You are encouraged to explore the space (information provided below) and start with the tools and spaces where you are most comfortable. Then stretch yourself by either passively or actively exploring one or two other tools in the community.

Welcome to the 2010 NAIS Annual Conference Community

If you are attending the 2010 NAIS conference in San Francisco next month or wish you could attend, take a moment to learn about the Online Community that was created to help focus conversations around the conference group and themes. You can learn more about this unique opportunity at

The “Front Door” to the community is through this blog ( You can monitor all activity in the community through the community dashboard at:

The community, formed around a group that will be attending (or wishes they could attend) the 2010 NAIS Annual Conference in San Francisco, utilizes a multitude of new media tools providing a place for everyone to share. If any of the sessions, themes or topics of this year’s conference are of interest to you, join us Online and take a moment to briefly say “hi” to the group. Let us learn a little about who is joining the Online Community this year. You can respond via comments to this blog, via twitter or twitter with a link to a longer post elsewhere, or the NAIS Facebook Page. There is a place for everyone so take a moment and introduce yourself to the group. You can learn more about these community spaces and the philosophy behind this design at the Community Front Door:

If you are not familiar with the sessions at this years Conference, check out the main conference site at:

Look around at the different tools available in this community as this post will be placed on this blog as well as twitter, Facebook  etc. The netvibes dashboard is the best place to go to track All activity in this community:

We are looking forward to meeting you online and in San Francisco.

Chris Bigenho

Designer of 2010 NAIS Online Community


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