NAIS AC Online Community About to Open

The 2010 Annual Conference online community is open. It is exciting to see this community come together. This year’s collection of sites should provide a unique experience for all who participate.  As you explore, feel free to create accounts as needed and start interacting in the spaces provided. If you act on this post, you will be one of the first to enter the 2010 NAIS Annual Conference online community. Add your mark:

  • Post some tweets
  • Add some resources to the Diigo Group
  • Write on the Wall in Facebook
  • Start a conversation in Diigo
  • Start a conversation in Facebook Boxes
  • Bookmark the Netvibes Dashboard for NAIS AC 2010
  • Leave a comment on this blog about your experience
  • Help bring the space to life and make is Your Space.

4 responses to “NAIS AC Online Community About to Open

  1. Love the dashboard!

  2. How exciting. Hooray NAIS AC Community!

  3. Love this way to communicate! I hope to see lots of colleagues from the 1996 New Heads Institute and the 2008 Klingenstein Fellows! Let me know if you are attending and I will organize something.
    Sue Groesbeck
    Havergal College
    Toronto, ON

  4. The theme, graphics and energy heading into this conference are compelling, as I’d sensed they’d be when unveiled in Chicago.
    Looking forward to seeing New Heads’ ’91 group.

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